The Payne Purpose Academy, LLC. is a fully accredited training academy.

With our out-of-the-box thinking, we focus on creating learning materials, programs and certifications

that empower both coaches and coaching ministries to succeed.

Through specialized certifications designed for specific passions and niches, the
door is opened to form inspiring partnerships from around the world.

To top it all off, mental health first aid certification and mental health training education is offered in our

signature packages to help build a successful coaching practice, strengthen your ministry or church, which works hand in hand with building and strengthening our communities. local communities - an added component with some of our certifications!

All of this adds up to an unbeatable
experience - because when it comes to transforming lives, nothing is more
rewarding than exceeding expectations!

"For me, what I do to help others on this journey is more than coaching...for me, it's ministry."

-Dr. Chelsealya Payne

Coaching Certification

Having your Coaching Certification will allow you to have a successful Coaching business.

Here's a bit of what you will learn:

* The Foundation and Fundamentals of Coaching

* Understanding the ICF

* Unlocking Your Client’s Passion

* Understanding Goal Attainment

* Creating the Action Plan

* Questioning In Coaching

* Learning to Group Coach

* Listening, Acknowledging and Empowering

* Assessments Seminars and Workshops

* Going Into Business For Yourself

*Purpose Coaching As A Ministry

*Mental Health Programs

...and so much more!

Live Virtual Class



At-You-Own-Pace Class



Coming Soon...

The Purpose Café

A space for like-minded persons to network, encourage, engage, create and simply come together virtually in a space dedicated to to purpose and destiny.

Coming Soon...

DIY Courses and Resources

More and more helpful tools and

resources will be added to aid our

Purpose Community

Coming Soon...

Purpose Academy Coaching Ministries

Providing churches with the ability to transform their leadership, membership and new member orientation to a Community Building resource.

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